Announcing the Title of My Brand New Series!

Woohoo! I can finally share the title of my new book and series coming next Spring from Simon & Schuster’s Aladdin imprint: 


…Wait. Everything ends in the first book of the series? I probably should have thought of that. Now what will the rest of the books even be about? Whoops.  

One of the Coolest Pieces of Art I’ve Ever Gotten: UPDATED x 2

We all know how I feel about fan art by now. It’s the greatest thing ever. EVER. But you know what else I’m a big fan of? Doctor Who.

And Gwen, who’s also a Doctor Who fan, decided to show exactly how geniusly (made that up) awesome she is by translating the title HALF UPON A TIME into Gallifreyan, the Doctor’s language on the show. CHECK THIS OUT:


Thanks Gwen, this is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen precisely because I had no idea it was even possible. That’s the beauty of everyone here … you always surprise me in the greatest ways. THANK YOU.

UPDATED: And Monika took my favorite Jill-type character Jill and surrounded an amazing picture of her with Jill quotes. I love this!


ONCE UPON THE END: An Epilogue in Three Parts

Phillip’s Coronation

Phillip shifted from foot to foot as his mother slowly, solemnly walked towards him, his father’s crown held aloft in her hands.

“They’ll be here,” Penelope whispered, nudging him playfully with her shoulder. “Don’t worry.”

He forced the hint of a smile for her, then turned back to his mother, only feet away now. If Jack and May did intend to see him declared king, then they had just moments left to arrive.

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Happy Halloween!

As promised, here’s a short story I wrote to be read at SPECTERS, SPIRITS & SPIES! A NIGHT OF SPOOKY STORYTELLING! at the Last Bookstore in Los Angeles. If you can’t tell by the name of the event, things got scary, and not just because I’ve never written any horror (and, honestly, never really read it either, so keep that in mind).

The premise of the event was that every reader could only take five minutes, so their piece had to be short. That said, here you go, a short, short story about Halloween, cannibal witches, and the real lesson of fairy tales. Hope you like it!

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